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Harry clenched his teeth. He caught a glimpse of Snape's smirk as he and Fudge passed Harry and Hermione's hiding place. Their footsteps died away. Harry and Hermione waited a few moments to make sure they'd really gone, then started to run in the opposite direction. Down one staircase, then another, along a new corridor ¡ª then they heard a cackling ahead.

¡°Can we have another go? Just one more go?¡±

¡°What does a Patronus look like?¡± said Harry curiously.

¡°No one's going to try and kill you until we've sorted a few things out,¡± said Lupin.

¡°What are you doing?¡± said Lupin, though in a very different voice from Filch. ¡°Where are Ron and Hermione?¡±

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