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¡°Four pints of mulled mead ¡ª¡±

¡°Oh, Harry! Who sent you that?¡±

¡°Snape?¡± said Black harshly, taking his eyes off Scabbers; for the first time in minutes and looking up at Lupin. ¡°What's Snape got to do with it?¡±

¡°I'm getting there, Sirius, I'm getting there¡­well, highly exciting possibilities were open to us now that we could all transform. Soon we were leaving the Shrieking Shack and roaming the school grounds and the village by night. Sirius and James transformed into such large animals, they were able to keep a werewolf in check. I doubt whether any Hogwarts students ever found out more about the Hogwarts grounds and Hogsmeade than we did¡­ And that's how we came to write the Marauder's Map, and sign it with our nicknames. Sirius is Padfoot. Peter is Wormtail. James was Prongs.¡±

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