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¡°See?¡± Hermione whispered. ¡°See what would have happened? We've got to keep out of sight! No, Buckbeak!¡±

¡°Have you?¡± A look of enormous relief spread over the manager's face. ¡°Thank heavens for that. I've been bitten five times already this morning ¡ª¡±

Harry streaked past Katie in the opposite direction, gazing around for a glint of gold and noticing that Cho Chang was tailing him closely. She was undoubtedly a very good flier ¡ª she kept cutting across him, forcing him to change direction.

¡°Look at the curtains! I tell you, he was here!¡±

¡°So now you're trying to get Harry expelled!¡± said Ron furiously. ¡°Haven't you done enough damage this year?¡±

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