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¡°Look at the curtains! I tell you, he was here!¡±

¡°But I don't say so,¡± said Professor McGonagall, standing up and piling her papers neatly into a drawer. ¡°The form clearly states that the parent or guardian must give permission.¡± She turned to look at him, with an odd expression on her face. Was it pity? ¡°I'm sorry, Potter, but that's my final word. You had better hurry, or you'll be late for your next lesson.¡±

¡°He's packing?¡± said Harry, alarmed. ¡°Why?¡±

Hermione peered around the classroom door.

¡°Scary-lookin¡¯ fing, inee?¡± said Stan, who had been watching Harry read.

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