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¡°We did it!¡± said Harry breathlessly. ¡°Sirius has gone, on Buckbeak¡­.¡±

But Harry didn't have long to brood. In next to no time, Aunt Petunia was shrieking up the stairs for Harry to come down and get ready to welcome their guest.

¡°Ridiculous!¡± said Hermione faintly.

¡°Yeah, I saw him,¡± said Harry slowly. ¡°But¡­ maybe I imagined it¡­ I wasn't thinking straight¡­ I passed out right afterward¡­.¡±

¡°Forgot!¡± said Stan weakly. ¡°Blimey, my ¡®eart's goin¡¯ that fast¡­¡±

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