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Crabbe and Goyle were looking scared. Their bulging muscles were no use against ghosts. Malfoy was staring madly around at the deserted landscape.

¡°I'm still not saying I believe you,¡± he told Lupin.

¡°Footsteps across the hall¡­ yes, I think it's us going down to Hagrid's!¡±

¡°We know he's not coming in through Honeyduke's,¡± said Ron dismissively. ¡°We'd've heard if the shop had been broken into.¡±

Harry and Ron looked around at Hermione. They could see her forehead reddening over the top of her book, which was upside-down.

¡°Are you sure?¡± Professor Trelawney urged him. ¡°Are you quite sure, dear? You don't see it writhing on the ground, perhaps, and a shadowy figure raising an axe behind it?¡±

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