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¡°Well, let's hope not,¡± said Wood. ¡°Anyway ¡ª good work, everyone. Let's get back to the tower¡­turn in early¡­¡±

¡°It was as if someone had lit a fire In my head, and the Dementors couldn't destroy it¡­It wasn't a happy feeling¡­it was an obsession¡­but it gave me strength, it cleared my mind. So, one night when they opened my door to bring food, I slipped past them as a dog¡­It's so much harder for them to sense animal emotions that they were confused¡­I was thin, very thin¡­thin enough to slip through the bars¡­I swam as a dog back to the mainland ¡­I journeyed north and slipped into the Hogwarts grounds as a dog. I've been living in the forest ever since, except when I came to watch the Quidditch, of course. You fly as well as your father did, Harry¡­.¡±

Harry doubled back to see who had spoken and met Professor Lupin, looking around his office door.

So they paid for their ice cream and crossed the street to the Magical Menagerie.

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