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A bandage unraveled at the mummy's feet; it became entangled, fell face forward, and its head rolled off.

¡°Buckbeak lost,¡± said Ron weakly. ¡°Hagrid's just sent this.¡±

¡°She says I've got all the makings of a true Seer,¡± she informed Harry and Ron. ¡°I saw loads of stuff¡­Well, good luck!¡±

Then Lupin spoke, in a very tense voice.

Hermione's spell had done the trick. Harry was still numb with cold, still wetter than he'd ever been in his life, but he could see. Full of fresh determination, he urged his broom through the turbulent air, staring in every direction for the Snitch, avoiding a Bludger, ducking beneath Diggory, who was streaking in the opposite direction¡­

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