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And at once, thin ink lines began to spread like a spider's web from the point that George's wand had touched. They joined each other, they crisscrossed, they fanned into every corner of the parchment; then words began to blossom across the top, great, curly green words, that proclaimed:

¡°It's me,¡± he muttered.

¡°Because¡­ because people would know if Peter Pettigrew had been an Animagus. We did Animagi in class with Professor McGonagall. And I looked them up when I did my homework ¡ª the Ministry of Magic keeps tabs on witches and wizards who can become animals; there's a register showing what animal they become, and their markings and things¡­and I went and looked Professor McGonagall up on the register, and there have been only seven Animagi this century, and Pettigrew's name wasn't on the list.¡±

¡°No,¡± said Harry. ¡°Lupin made me a cup of tea in his office. And then Snape came in¡­¡±

¡°Crookshanks!¡± Hermione moaned. ¡°No, go away, Crookshanks! Go away!¡±

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