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¡°I just saw Hagrid,¡± said Harry. ¡°And he said you'd resigned. It's not true, is it?¡±

¡°Yes,¡± said Hermione, her ear still glued to the cupboard door. ¡°I'm sure it's us. It doesn't sound like more than three people¡­ and we're walking slowly because we're under the Invisibility Cloak ¡ª ¡°

¡°¡®Bye, Neville!¡± called Stan.

¡°What did he do to him?¡± Hermione whispered. Ron's eyes were only half-closed, his mouth hung open; he was definitely alive, they could hear him breathing, but he didn't seem to recognize them.

Further discussion of Sirius Black plainly wasn't what Ron had had in mind.

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