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¡°So!¡± said Snape, his long nostrils quivering. ¡°Is this another treasured gift from Mr. Weasley? Or is it ¡ª something else? A letter, perhaps, written in invisible ink? Or ¡ª instructions to get into Hogsmeade without passing the Dementors?¡±

Black saw Snape up through the hole, then stood back for Harry and Hermione to pass. At last, all of them were out.

The portrait swung open and he climbed through the hole into the common room. It was full of chattering first-and second-years, and a few older students, who had obviously visited Hogsmeade so often the novelty had worn off.

Black looked up. Harry saw his jaw drop. He leapt from his chair, hurried to the window and tried to open it, but it was locked.

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