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¡°I'm sure of it,¡± said Fudge shortly.

¡°Not to interfere! Lupin's going to run into the forest, right at us!¡±

¡°Riddikulus!¡± bellowed Ron, and the spider's legs vanished; it rolled over and over; Lavender Brown squealed and ran out of its way and it came to a halt at Harry's feet. He raised his wand, ready, but ¡ª

Lupin's briefcase slipped from the desk; he had to stoop quickly to catch it.

Crabbe and Goyle were looking scared. Their bulging muscles were no use against ghosts. Malfoy was staring madly around at the deserted landscape.

Something of Harry's thoughts seemed to have shown on his face, because Lupin said, ¡°Anything worrying you, Harry?¡±

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