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¡°He's the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher we've ever had,¡± said Dean Thomas boldly, and there was a murmur of agreement from the rest of the class. Snape looked more menacing than ever.

Harry began to run. He had no thought in his head except his father¡­ If it was him¡­ if it really was him¡­ he had to know, had to find out¡­.

¡°Come to have a good gloat?¡± said Ron savagely as she stopped in front of them. ¡°Or have you just been to tell on us?¡±

A pair of feet was coming down the staircase. Harry leapt behind an enormous crate and waited for the footsteps to pass. He heard the man shifting boxes against the opposite wall. He might not get another chance ¡ª

¡°Ah, if only my arm was feeling a bit better!¡± he sighed as the gale outside pounded the windows.

¡°It's my fault,¡± said Ron abruptly. ¡°I persuaded you to go. Lupin's right, it was stupid, we shouldn't've done it ¡ª¡±

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