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There is something I never got around to telling you during our brief meeting. It was I who sent you the Firebolt ¡ª

Lupin drank a little more butterbeer, then said, ¡°It's the fate that awaits Sirius Black. It was in the Daily Prophet this morning. The Ministry have given the Dementors permission to perform it if they find him.¡±

¡°Professor Lupin?¡± said Hermione timidly. ¡°Can ¡ª can I say something?¡±

¡°Oh, my dear boy, we're not going to punish you for a little thing like that!¡± cried Fudge, waving his crumpet impatiently. ¡°It was an accident! We don't send people to Azkaban just for blowing up their aunts!¡±

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