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¡°What?¡± said Wood, frowning at this lighthearted behavior.

¡°Expecto patronum,¡± Harry repeated under his breath, ¡°expecto patronum.¡±

¡°I've been up in Gryffindor Tower,¡± said Harry. ¡°Like you told ¡ª¡±

Customers are reminded that until further notice, Dementors will be patrolling the streets of Hogsmeade every night after sundown. This measure has been put in place for the safety of Hogsmeade residents and will be lifted upon the recapture of Sirius Black. It is therefore advisable that you complete your shopping well before nightfall.

¡°But apart from my transformations, I was happier than I had ever been in my life. For the first time ever, I had friends, three great friends. Sirius Black¡­Peter Pettigrew¡­and, of course, your father, Harry ¡ª James Potter.¡±

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