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All too soon, there was a crunch of gravel outside as Uncle Vernon's car pulled back into the driveway, then the clunk of the car doors and footsteps on the garden path.

Stan passed Harry's bed and disappeared up a narrow wooden staircase. Harry was still looking out of the window, feeling increasingly nervous. Ernie didn't seem to have mastered the use of a steering wheel. The Knight Bus kept mounting the pavement, but it didn't hit anything; lines of lampposts, mailboxes, and trash cans jumped out of its way as it approached and back into position once it had passed.

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He nudged Buckbeak's sides with his heels.

For a split second, Malfoy stared at him.

She continued in this vein for some time, until Wood said, ¡°Er ¡ª Madam Hooch? Is it okay if Harry has the Firebolt back? We need to practice¡­¡±

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