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Black placed a hand on either side of the window frame and heaved his head and shoulders out of it. It was very lucky he was so thin. In seconds, he had managed to fling one leg over Buckbeak's back and pull himself onto the Hippogriff behind Hermione.

He sprinted back to the one-eyed witch, opened her hump, heaved himself inside, and slid down to meet his bag at the bottom of the stone chute. He wiped the Marauder's Map blank again, then set off at a run.

Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers

Lupin sighed.

Uncle Vernon seized one of Marge's feet and tried to pull her down again, but was almost lifted from the floor himself. A second later, Ripper leapt forward and sank his teeth into Uncle Vernon's leg.

¡°Come off it,¡± he said weakly. ¡°Are you trying to say he broke out of Azkaban just to get his hands on Scabbers? I mean¡­¡± He looked up at Harry and Hermione for support, ¡°Okay, say Pettigrew could turn into a rat ¡ª there are millions of rats ¡ª how's he supposed to know which one he is after if he was locked up in Azkaban?¡±

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