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women nike air max was a highly unusual boy in many ways. For one thing, he hated the summer holidays more than any other time of year. For another, he really wanted to do his homework but was forced to do it in secret, in the dead of night. And he also happened to be a wizard.

^But Sirius Black escaped from them, ̄ Harry said slowly. ^He got away´ ̄

^No ! no ! ̄ Harry gasped. ^He's innocent´ expecto expecto patronum ! ̄

Harry sat down between Dudley and Uncle Vernon, a large, beefy man with very little neck and a lot of mustache. Far from wishing Harry a happy birthday, none of the Dursleys made any sign that they had noticed Harry enter the room, but Harry was far too used to this to care. He helped himself to a piece of toast and then looked up at the reporter on the television, who was halfway through a report on an escaped convict.

The Prisoner of Azkaban

     *     *     *     *     *     *

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